Tips for Contrarian Investors

A real contrarian only jumps into the investment because the asset is trading at mouth-watering levels.  Moreover, blood is flowing freely in the streets. Buy when the crowd is paralysed with fear and fear when others are buying hand over fist.
  • When you are overly confident or feeling Euphoric, flee for the exits.
  • Never get a hot head and think you know it all. Even the best can be taken out. Keep your mental stops tight in this volatile market.
  • Contrarian investing is really about overcoming your emotions.  Use Fear and Panic to your advantage by taking a position that is contrary to that of the crowd
  • When you take a position and people look at you with disdain or shock, you know you are doing the right thing!. When they pat you on the back or on the rear it’s time to flee for the exits. Buy low. Sell high. Read more about Contrarian Investor important rules